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What's The Big Deal About Credit Monitoring?

To some people, credit monitoring services are just another way for companies to make money off consumers worried about their credit. To others, regular credit checks can provide peace of mind and help them stay current on their recent credit activity.

So who's right? It probably won't surprise you to learn that people who monitor their credit are taking a recommended step toward managing their credit histories in an effective, responsible manner.

CreditDiagnosis provides credit monitoring to members at no additional charge.

The value of a credit monitoring service is that it alerts you whenever there's activity in your credit files. These alerts can help you:

  • See who's making inquiries into your credit history
  • Learn when there's suspicious activity (which could be a sign of identity theft) occurring in your file
  • Find out whether that check you sent in last month was received before the payment due date

Credit report monitoring is an important tool. It can protect you against the high costs of identity theft while also helping you take greater control of your credit history — and, with it, your financial future.

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